Friday, November 5, 2010

DOME - Canningvale

Just like Dorothy, with a click of her ruby heels after a long day in  Oz, the sisters began to chant, "There is no place like Dome, there is no place like Dome" Hence, on a late Friday afternoon, after a hard working week, the sisters found themselves seated in a snug booth at Dome, Canningvale. Dome franchise has been around for over 20 years in WA and can be found in country WA,  Tasmania, Queensland and has now gone International! They boast a diverse menu  and the world's finest coffee. 
Infamous Fluffy Koala - no cream
This particular Dome in Canningvale is also licenced.
The Dome is a  regular haunt of the sisters due to Sister Teen and 20's love for the much celebrated 'Fluffy Koala.' In their words it's...'Much more than a milkshake... rather like a thickshake filled with chocolate and caramel.' If you are more the adventurous type there are a diverse range of Espresskis, fruity iced drinks, teas  and coffees. The menu covers the breadth of breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-betweens.

The Dome is a rather large, noisy establishment due to its wooden floorboards and constant traffic of customers.
An endless flow of regulars, brandishing their loyalty cards, (okay, so I have one also) competitively eye off the choice seating arrangements comprising a collection of comfy, bottomless, old English  armchairs,  1950's style booths or bentwood wooden chairs.

A bowl of wedges to share!
We selected our favourites from the menu and  tucked into a few new dishes. After eating our fill and chatting endlessly,  planning our next sojourn excitedly,   we stepped out into the night and back onto our yellow brick road.
"There's no place like...." 

the teen:
Bacon on Toast $8.95
Wedges $6.95
Fluffy Koala - no cream $5.20
Bacon on toast
Food: 8/10
Service: Fast service with irregular food delivery. We sisters had to eat at different times. Nevertheless, we saw it as a positive; while one sister was telling us all the latest news the others could eat without interruption!
Atmosphere/Decor: Large area for happy chilled, vibe for daytime and mood lighting for nighttime, romantic trysts!
Highs: Fluffy Koala mmmmmmm...
Lows: Toast was cold
Price: Very reasonable $20
Comments: Wide range in menu, all day breakfast.

the 20 something: 
Calamari and chips $14.95
Fluffy Koala-no cream $5.20 
Calamari and chips- Seafood the staple diet for sister 20
Food: 8/10
Service: Fast, prompt and food looks nice
Atmosphere/Decor: Classic Dome!! Nice large room, relaxing chairs, good magazines, particularly when waiting.
Highs:.Fluffy Koala- yum,  I haven't had one in a while.
Lows: My food came before everyone else's so I was pretty much finished when they were all starting.
Price: Reasonable
Comments: Classic dish  and tasty and enjoyable meal, after all I am the seafood expert! Lol.

the 30 something:
Potato and Leek Soup $13 
Potato and Leek soup
Food: 3/10
Service: Coffee supersonic fast!
Atmosphere/Decor: Loud, uncomfortable booth.
Highs:Two butters for my bread roll and being with the sisters made me happy! 
Lows: I was extremely disappointed with the soup. It  was bland and had little taste. I had to smother it in pepper to add flavour.
Price: Very good
Comments:.The service was very fast considering the number of people lining up constantly to order. High praise for those quick, nimble chefs in the kitchen, toiling away.

the 40 something:
Egg Hollandaise $14.95
Cappuccino $3.90
Eggs Hollandaise
Food: 8/10
Service: Coffee came within minutes with a sprinkling of chocolate.
Atmosphere/Decor: I love the wooden floorboards, however they do make for loud noise. Many seats to choose from inside and out, - especially enjoyable to sit outside on sunny days.
Highs: Hollandaise sauce was absolutely scrumptious. Creamy and cheesy! Magnifique!
Lows: I asked for my egg to be  well done. The chef must have misunderstood me and fried it. It was acceptable, conversely it would have been much improved if it were poached.
Price: Value for money
Comments: Good friends and a cosy booth = another enjoyable night. 

The 50 something:
Farmhouse Beef Pie $14.95
Cappuccino $3.90
Farmhouse Beef Pie
Food: 7/10
Service: Extremely fast
Atmosphere/Decor: An excellent  location for people of all walks of life to enjoy time together in their own space.
Highs: The Farmhouse pie was hearty and appetising. The coffee  was delightful.
Lows: My pet hate -  poor quality salad cut into odd shapes.
Price: Good
Comments: The sisters' drinks and food all arrived at different times.

Dome  love...
Overall Rating: 7/10
Open: Every day - 7am - 10pm
Parking: Plenty nearby and for rainy days there is a back entrance.
Licenced: Yes
WiFi: Yes
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