Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last Drop Pub and Brewery

The grand launch of the ‘Sisters’ blog began with a hiccup. We intended to dine at a newish establishment not yet reviewed on Urbanspoon, unfortunately it was booked out. A little downhearted we kept  driving east until we came to The Last Drop Pub and Brewery  or as we like to call it The Last Resort Pub and Brewery. We were greeted by a rather sour faced maître d' (think Sybil from Faulty Towers). Nonetheless we were all in a jolly mood and were especially keen to stay once sisters 30 and 40 pointed out a rather dashing male. Once ensconced at our table we set about ordering drinks. The maitre d' seemed quite peeved by our jovial mood and after taking our orders we realised that she had ignored Sisters Teen and 20. Things seemed to go from bad to worse, however Sisters 30 and 50 claimed that  observations of the various eating habits and antics of the patrons throughout the night proved to be enough to make the launch a resounding success.

Teen, our chip connoisseur, thought they were most  crunchy and were a big winner on the night..

the teen: Pilsner Battered Barramundi $22
               Chocolate Sundae $8.50
Food: 6/10
Service: The sad waitress, who at the beginning of the night,  shoved me out of the way  while delivering our drinks made me feel quite uncomfortable. Later in the night, she was replaced by a much younger, happier waitress.
Atmosphere/Decor: The tables were barely  big enough for 4 let alone 5 customers however as we were so keen to chat and catch up it made sharing our news that much easier!. The room was way too loud  for me.
Highs: I enjoyed my conversations with the sisters. The chips were delicious also!
Lows: The service from the first waitress put me off the restaurant for the rest of the night.
Price: Bit over priced at $22.
Comments: Sadly there were no hot males for Sister 20 and myself to check out. Happily the sweets made up for it!

The grilled Barramundi  was  a tad too salty on the other hand  the crunchy chips were the star of the show!

the 20 something: Grilled Barramundi $22
                               Chocolate Sundae $8.50
Food: 5/10
Service: The service was very poor and I was not asked for my drinks order. 2/10
Atmosphere/Decor: Average, it's a pub.
Highs: I took delight in conversation and catching up with my fellow sisters. Another high was Sister 40's struggle into her newly, acquired retro jacket, it had me in stitches at the end of the night.
Lows: Food
Price: $22,  which I thought was pretty cheap.
Comments: As the seafood expert I thought the fish was very salty, conversely the chips were first-rate. Pub- menu, meat and more meat! There were generous portions of garlic bread which was scrumptious.

Chocolate Sundae.....80's style.
 the 30 something: Was unable to eat, however observed.
Food: 5/10
Service: Sad
Atmosphere/Decor: I thought the atmosphere was typical of an everyday pub. i found the decor a little confusing and wondered if we were supposed to be in England or Holland?
Highs: The girl in the leopard dress entertaining us with her seduction of an  older man and the hot guy at the bar. Oh and the sisters getting together! xx
Lows: Not eating :(
Price: 0
Comments: I'm not for pub food.

Arancini Balls and a whole lot of sprouts!
the 40 something: Arancini $15.50
                               Chocolate Sundae $8.50
                               Wine (Amberley) $8.80
Food: 4/10
Service: The service was distinctly lacking and slap dash. Our first waitress seemed extremely unhappy to serve us and was quite neglectful of our younger sisters.This was soon rectified however by the changing of the guards and she was replaced by a most pleasing, young waitress ,who was happy to oblige. Perhaps it was just a bad day for the first waitress.
Atmosphere/Decor: It was quite a noisy place perhaps due to a higher consumption of beer than most restaurants. I imagine it would appeal more to the English set who pine for their mother country.
Highs: Hot guy at the bar and the wine...hic!
Lows: Food
Price: Pub prices
Comments: The Arancini tasted weird, though to be fair, nothing can compare to Willow Pond Restaurant's 'Arancini ', they are to die for!  I realise it is a pub, therefore would perhaps attract more of a boisterous, meat eating type, nonetheless the menu could include more vegetarian meals for us animal lovers.

Caesar Salad  / Retro Style
the 50 something: Caesar Salad $16
                               Chocolate Sundae $8.50
                               House Wine $6.40
Food: 5/10
Service: I felt the service was rather poor, however the waitress did try.
Atmosphere/Decor: As a social experiment, The Last Drop Pub & Brewery proved to be a place with a special mix of people.
Highs: Sweets
Lows: A definitive all time low was being exposed to a Henry the 8th look-a-like's grotesque eating habits!
Price: Normal pub prices.
Comments: The room was too loud due to the slate floor.There was no light in the cake stand which made choosing from it far too difficult and with little to choose from I felt it was rather pitiable.
Overall Rating: 5/10
Table: 31
Parking: Lots of parking at rear
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