Who Are We?

the late teen is a hippy, bohemian chick who hopes one day to be a midwife or just have lots of babies. She is a social lass who is always up for a party and sites cricketer, Adam Gilchrist as the man she would most like to have as a dinner guest. Her favourite drink is a ‘Fluffy Koala’ from the DOME.
Famous Catch Cry: Does this come with chips?
the 20 something is a journo student with dreams of working in the movie industry. She is known to ‘cut a mean rug’ on the 80’s dance floor. She is our resident lasagne and seafood expert who has a very high standard and experience in this area. In her spare time she practices the art of ‘Unagi’.
Famous Catch Cry: I’ll make that into a movie!
the 30 something is a travelling gypsy who has sampled the many foods of the world, bringing the culture to our group. She can also cut and style your hair whilst driving a truck! Known for her infectious laugh she is keen to discover Africa from Mount Kilimanjaro to Timbuktu.
Famous Catch Cry: That ol' chestnut!
the 40 something is a fashion designer, educator & creative spirit with a perchant for the avocado, whose favourite pastime is to scour op shops for treasure. An animal lover turned vegetarian, she dreams of one day owning a property and living in a converted shed.
Famous Catch Cry: Do these avocadoes come in a six pack?

the 50 something has a passion for crystals, spiritualism and green tea. She followed her dream to grow organic fruit and vegies and now lives on an organic herb farm. She makes a mean salad and is a stickler for quality produce. She is our arsenal in the fresh food reviews.

Famous Catch Cry: You call THAT a vegetable?