Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coco's Riverside Bar & Restaurant - South Perth

It was Sister 50's birthday and what better way to celebrate her day than to  'push the boat out' in style at one of Perth premier restaurants with the Sisters and a couple of special guests.  Coco's is located on the banks of the Swan River,  South Perth Esplanade,  overlooking the Perth city skyline. It has been open for business for over 18 years, with Ian Love at its helm.

Stepping  into the foyer of the lively restaurant, we were immediately greeted by a genial young man. We were lead to our table  and seated next to an expansive window  looking out to the river and the city beyond, with its sparkling lights . Within minutes we were approached by  our lovely waitress, Hannah, who was most attentive throughout the night.

Happy Birthday Coco's style

The menu  was extensive and a testament to Western Australia's finest produce and wineries,  however was disappointingly bereft of vegetarian meals, which left Sister 40 perplexed. When this was mentioned to  the staff the situation was remedied by an unimaginative  inclusion of pasta with vegetables or a vegetable stack. All sisters agreed this was a major oversight  by Coco's and was indeed not in keeping with  21st Century patrons.  This glitch was  soon forgotten when the desserts were delivered to the sisters and their guests. With squeals of delight as each delicious morsel was sampled and enraptured over, the vegetarian debacle became nothing more
 than a dim, distant memory.

Inside the limousine

To top off the night the Birthday Sister was treated to  a limousine ride through Kings Park.  Champagne flutes clinked, while   80's music played and city lights twinkled as we wound through the streets of Perth.   Special thanks to our congenial Chauffeur, Joe and his offsider from 'Elaborate Limos,'  who made our hour long journey, a night to remember.

the teen:
Chicken Pasta With Creamy Sauce $28 
Chicken pasta
Home made Chocolate Ice cream  $7  
Lemon Squash $3.70
 Food: 9/10
The pasta was really creamy without being claggy. The seasoning with fresh herbs complemented it. I loved it. The ice cream was quite nice, a bit richer than I first thought it would be, nevertheless nothing out of the ordinary.
Service: Happy, friendly service made me feel welcome and appreciated. The staff attended to my special request of chicken pasta rather than risotto very happily and I was impressed.       
Homemade chocolate ice cream to share
Atmosphere/Decor: An elegant venue with stunning view across the water to the city. The restaurant was quite loud and there was little room to push my chair out when I needed to stand.
Highs: The pasta was delicious. 
Lows: Rushing to eat so that we were on time for our limo ride. I would have loved to have stayed longer.  
Comments: A lovely experience with the Sisters and special guests.

the 20 something:
 Dhufish $46.50  
Homemade Chocolate Icecream $7
Cosmopolitan $16
Food:  9/10
The Dhufish was cooked to perfection and as it is one of my favourite types of fish, it was a great treat! The small, roasted potatoes with garlic butter that accompanied the fish were absolutely superb! I don't make a habit of hiding the fact that I like potatoes cooked any which way, these were particularly good!
My cosmopolitan was also yummy,  a little heavy on the vodka...maybe that was why I had such a great time?
The chocolate ice-cream that I shared with sister teen was also yummy. A great meal all round.
Service: Our waitress Hannah was fantastic! Very helpful and friendly.
Atmosphere: Lovely views of the river! Also I must say the toilets are very cute.
Highs: Being with the sisters and guests! Was a great fun night out.

Lows: Thinking I was too full to get a dessert and instead sharing ice-cream with sister teen. I definately regretted that when everyone's 
 Carnarvon king prawn salad
 desserts came! Next time.... dessert first!
Comments: a lovely night out! We all had a great time :)

the 30 something: 
Steamed Carnarvon King Prawns $29
Mango & Mint Mousse $17.50
Vasse Felix $10.80
Food: 9/10
The steamed prawn salad with chilli and spiced mango chutney was delicious. The mousse was delicate, not too sweet, clean and just plain, yummy. The wine, Vasse Felix would have to be my absolute favourite, so I was most thrilled to see it on the wine list.

Mango & mint mousse
Service: Hannah our delightful waitress was very helpful.
Atmosphere/Decor: A comfortable, beautiful view to  Perth.  
 Highs: Surprising Sister 50 and being with everyone

Lows: Having to rush to get the limo at the end of the meal....worth it though.

Comments:.Value for money; the whole package, I was happy to pay the bill.
It was wonderful to dress up and treat ourselves.
the 40 something:
Vegetable pasta
Vegetable Pasta $18.50
Peanut, Camamel & Chocolate Gateau with Caramel Sauce $17.50
Sandalford Verdello $9
Cappuccino $4.70

  Main = 7/10 Dessert  =  10/10
The vegetable pasta looked fantastic. The vegetables were crisp and cooked to perfection. Disappointingly the cream sauce was watery and quite tasteless. The dessert was absolute bliss. It was a taste sensation that melted in your mouth. Whoever created that dessert in particular, should be winning gold plate awards.

Peanut, caramel & chocolate gateau
Service: The staff were very attentive. From the minute we walked in the maitr'd greeted us with a warm welcome keen to help and no problem too big or small.
Atmosphere/Decor: Mood lighting, mirrors and lots of happy faces.
Highs: Killer dessert!
 Lows: No vegetarian meals on the menu.
Comments: Fine dining prices. Generous glasses of wine and a lovely birthday touch with sparklers. Coco's is definitely worth a second visit to try out more of the desserts.

 Coco's dessert chef is Iron Chef!

Guest Brother 20 tucked into a tasty veal cutlet.
the 50 something:
Prawn Pasta $29
Passionfruit Marshmallow Parfait 17.50

Passionfruit marshmallow parfait
Penfolds Chardony $8.50
Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Open: Mon - Sat 9am - Late Sunday 8am - Late
Licensed: Yes
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  1. The sisters enjoyed the desserts so much that they made a return visit with some extra sisterly friends in early 2011. What was ordered from the menu you ask? Dessert and coffee all round. Who needs mains???